High security premises, personnalization systems
EMV migration, alternative payment solutions


SELP has issued banking cards for more than twenty years.

We are not only active at the design (development of certified Operating Systems, creation of innovative card bodies), manufacturing (two certified sites), personalization levels (integration of Software / Hardware solutions), but also at the services level by providing global assistance (consulting and training) to our card issuing customers.

Our expertise allows us to support banks on all their programs :

Types of payment products (debit / credit / prepaid)
Choice of the network partner (domestic or international)
Choice of the technology (chip and operating system)
Personalization mode (centralized, instantaneous) and operational solution

SELP also performs technology transfer by creating and maintaining personalization centers for financial institutions or service providers.

We have been working for many European banks since the nineties, and we have initiated a strong geographic expansion since 2013.

We often work for financial institutions and bank personalization centers in Latin America, West and Southern Africa, the Middle East and India.


SELP produces hundreds of millions of prepaid cards each year. These products are valuable documents that require high levels of security and technology.

Our clients are international issuers mainly involved in the fields of debit-card programs, specialized retail and mobile phone operation.

Operating System

We have created our own Operating Systems (OS), compliant with GlobalPlatform and certified by Visa, Mastercard and EMVco.


SELP also distinguishes itself by integrating partner products. Today, there are a growing variety of operating systems, platforms, and technologies on the market to address a multitude of business needs.

These external solutions are also integrated and offered to our customers. Our company is highly flexible and client-satisfaction oriented.

Secure data processing

SELP has a Personalization Management Platform (PMP) that secures data at every stage of the personalization process.

This latest generation system complies with Visa, MasterCard and Common Criteria (CC) requirements and incorporates FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified HSMs.

The PMP platform manages the infrastructure of keys, encrypts the data, organizes the granting of access rights, enables real-time reporting, secures the database and provides double backup.

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The main issuers of security documents have chosen SELP, on all continents.
Our clients have originally been commercial brands, banks and governments but now our company is active in 8 market segments.
SELP offers a global solution, from design to delivery, until the project is fully operational. Our products, services and solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries.





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