Delegated management, outsourcing

From personalization to renewal, SELP manages all aspects of a smartcard program for its clients

Stock management

The international presence of SELP includes several logistic platforms in the world.
Thanks to those platforms, our clients have the possibility to place large-scale orders and to stock their products in the nearest warehouses, which reduces costs and delivery time.
Immediately available and strategically located, the goods are ready to be dispatched to any subsidiary or point of sale.
This organization is flexible and cost efficient. It has been designed for our multinational clients.


With more than 100 million personalized cards per year, SELP is one of the world’s leaders in this field.

We offer three types of personalization:

Outsourcing : personalization made within SELP workshops, in France or in India. The service benefits from the security of our premises, the experience of our staff, and our sophisticated equipment.
Insourcing : personalization in our clients’ premises. SELP provides the required system and equipment. We ensure the training of operators, maintenance and distance support.
Service bureau : creation of a personalization center. SELP has the capacity to build a personalization center, to fully equip it and manage it. This investment can be made in partnership with our client or with a third party.

Mailing and fulfillment

SELP has not only the capacity to personalize cards, but also to supply the corresponding carriers and communication tools (letters, sleeves, booklets, etc.).
We recently acquired very efficient equipment, able to personalize on-line both the cards and their carriers, with a control unit that guarantees the right pairing.
Our system checks the concordance between the two elements, pairs the card with the carrier, processes the folding/inserting and sorts the lots by destination.
Without any subcontracting, SELP can manufacture a finished product which is personalized, wrapped and ready to be shipped.


In the case of a pluriannual contract, SELP can set up a customized web-service for any organization.
Tailor-made and dynamic, the web-service can have different levels of security according to our clients’ profile (financial institutions, chain stores, governments).
Once the systems are interconnected, the users can check the availability of the products, process an order, send the data to be personalized, follow every step of the supply-chain, and anticipate stock outage.
This web service is vital regarding any mid to long term collaboration and reinforces the transparency of SELP’s business relations.

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The main issuers of security documents have chosen SELP, on all continents.
Our clients have originally been commercial brands, banks and governments but now our company is active in 8 market segments.
SELP offers a global solution, from design to delivery, until the project is fully operational. Our products, services and solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries.





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