Private Identity

Secure identity, people flow management, access control
Multi-applicative capacity, interoperability

Private Identity

Private ID requires closed-loop identification programs, which are limited to specific categories of the population (students, civil servants, soldiers, network users, large companies).SELP manages this kind of project and ensures the traceability of vehicles and people with great efficiency.
For vehicles, we offer UHF eStickers that control accesses (automatic tolls or restricted areas).
For the traceability of people and their identification, SELP provides a complete range of contact or contactless electronic cards.

Enrolment and data acquisition

SELP offers various fixed or mobile enrolment systems.
These systems integrate several modules, which include the collection of personal data and the capture of biometric elements (fingerprints, photos, irises).

Our digital expertise also makes it possible to propose innovative on-line self-enrolment solutions. The collected data will allow the personalization of the cards and the attribution of a unique registration number.

Multi-applicative cards

SELP develops tailor-made applications to optimize the use of electronic cards.

In the context of a program of student cards or government cards, applications may concern :

Physical access to premises,
Logical access to the computer system,
A rechargeable electronic wallet,
A digital signature,
Interoperability with the urban transport network,
Interoperability with the banking network.

Credential Management System (CMS)

An electronic document- issuing program must be managed globally.

A CMS allows the administrator to activate accounts, manage rights, control activities, update profiles, temporarily block or revoke accounts if necessary.

As a key controlling component of the program, SELP’s CMS is available in all languages and is adjustable to the specificities of each project.

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The main issuers of security documents have chosen SELP, on all continents.
Our clients have originally been commercial brands, banks and governments but now our company is active in 8 market segments.
SELP offers a global solution, from design to delivery, until the project is fully operational. Our products, services and solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries.





Private Identity



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