Air quality and solar energy SELP eco-responsible

7 Oct 2021

Selp’s eco-responsible approach in the Perigord.

Industries are not necessarily polluting.
In Mareuil (Dordogne), SELP produces and personalizes secure cards.
Already very attentive to the environment, as evidenced by its ISO 14001 certification, the company wanted to go further with an eco-responsible approach that is unique in its sector of activity.
In February 2018, SELP made the investment of a solar energy production unit.
The 800m2 panels now produce 64,000kWh per year. The company is thus partially self-sufficient for the energy needs of its main workshop.
Four beehives have been installed on its property and SELP now produces its own honey.
This initiative was carried out in cooperation with the school of Mareuil, and is part of a process of repopulation of the bee population in Dordogne. The good health of bees is a recognized marker of the
quality of the ambient air.
In parallel with these environmental conditions, SELP remains very active on the subject of alternative
materials to plastics. SELP secure cards are available in cardboard, wood, PLA and recycled PVC.

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