National Identity

Biometric enrolment, databases, robust documents
National ID programs, control & acceptance applications

Identity Documents

SELP manages national identity programs on all continents. We offer a complete solution from enrolment to issuance by integrating biometrics and data management.

Our products mainly consist of cards (ID cards, driver’s licenses, health cards, voter cards etc.) but we also provide consumables for passports (eDatapages) and digital solutions like eGovernment.

Enrolment and databases

SELP offers fixed (desktop) or mobile enrolment systems (biometric tablets).


The collected data will allow the personalization of cards in accordance with international standards. This activity can be offered on site (creation of a personalization site) or performed in a SELP high-security site.

The infrastructure created by SELP for the issuance of an identity document is an opportunity for the creation of a national register. SELP manages these projects effectively by federating existing databases (health cards, passports, ID cards, driving licenses) with innovative technological solutions.

eGovernment Solutions

Digital solutions enable better services to citizens and improve the processing and security of administrative procedures.

Today, many forms can be entirely digitalized (renewal of an identity document for example).

SELP Digital develops tailor-made solutions for governments, with a three-fold objective: administrative modernization, tax collection and good governance.

The expertise of SELP Digital is also adapted to the needs of governments that wish to facilitate administrative procedures.

Digital solutions are particularly suitable for paying fees, requesting a certificate, or scheduling an appointment with an administration.


Post-issuance Solutions

To optimize the potential of issued identity documents, SELP supports administrations in setting up acceptance & control systems.

Thanks to our systems, most officials (law enforcement agencies, administrations, public officers, notaries, lawyers) and certain private companies (banks, telecommunication operators) are able to read the cards and authenticate the cardholders.

SELP develops the corresponding applications and provides readers.

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The main issuers of security documents have chosen SELP, on all continents.
Our clients have originally been commercial brands, banks and governments but now our company is active in 8 market segments.
SELP offers a global solution, from design to delivery, until the project is fully operational. Our products, services and solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries.





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