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Excellence in the conception and production of smartcards

SELP produces valuable documents in compliance with international standards regarding quality, security and respect of the environment

High security printer

SELP is a high security printer certified by Intergraf and ISO 14298 (*). This certification corresponds to a very high level of security that allows the production of valuable documents.
As a high security printer, SELP has also access to dedicated graphic-design software. Our designers integrate security elements (guilloches, rainbow, hidden signs, numismatic backgrounds etc.) into the visuals submitted to our clients. Our production tools are modern and powerful. SELP mainly prints in offset and screen-printing. The different layers that constitute the card are assembled, laminated and then shaped into the final format.
To secure the documents and prevent counterfeiting, SELP can apply diffractive elements or recommend innovative security features, developed in-house.

(*) certification obtained by the SELP site of Angoulême.

From scratch to chip

Secure documents contain sensitive data (identity, value, rights, etc.) that must be protected. The type of protection will depend on the durability and use of the final product. Data will either be protected by a scratch-off material, encoded in a magnetic stripe or encrypted in an electronic chip.

Our three French plants address those alternatives:

The Puy-Guillaume factory is specialized in the customization and protection of single-use cards (scratch),
The Mareuil plant offers the specific production and services required by the retail industry (loyalty and prepaid cards)
The Angoulême plant manages high security card programs (for banks and governments)

Manufacture of carriers

In 2013, SELP invested in a production line dedicated to the production of cardholders (carriers).
This production unit integrates printing, cutting and shaping equipment that have the capacity to manufacture all types of POS media.
We have the capacity to design all types of marketing materials including the most complex ones: pouches, cases, booklets.

Performance with IoT

SELP has invested in an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring system that guarantees a global and sustainable industrial performance. Each equipment component is monitored and connected to our central management system. This constant monitoring gives the possibility to measure the performance of the equipment, understand the cause of production breaks and anticipate maintenance interventions. The analysis of these indicators is a source of continuous improvement.

Quality and environmental compliance

SELP is reputed for the quality of its products and services. This notoriety is the result of the company’s total commitment.
During production, our products are controlled in three distinct ways: automatic measurements (cameras and rejection system), systematic samplings and random samplings. Respectful of the environment, our factories destroy their production waste and prioritize the recycling of materials.

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The main issuers of security documents have chosen SELP, on all continents.
Our clients have originally been commercial brands, banks and governments but now our company is active in 8 market segments.
SELP offers a global solution, from design to delivery, until the project is fully operational. Our products, services and solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries.





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