Biometric enrolment, secure identity
User profiles and access management, digital medical files

Health cards

SELP provides health cards and social insurance cards on every continent. These documents are particularly sensitive for two reasons: they constitute proof of national identity and they give access to free medical care.

Health cards benefit from the same levels of security as national ID cards, with more complex electronic specifications. The challenge here is to constantly update the medical files and the holder’s rights.


RFID wristbands are particularly adapted to the environment of a hospital as they make it possible to identify the patients and to have quick access to their medical files.

The memory capacity of the chip is significantly higher than the bar code of the paper strap and the contactless technology enables an instantaneous reading of the data.

SELP eBracelets are compatible with Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) that manage the traceability of people and goods within hospitals.

Biometric enrolment

SELP offers sophisticated enrolment systems, that are available in desktop or mobile (biometric tablets) formats and easily adapted to health cards.

These systems consist of several modules, which include personal data collection, the taking of photographs and the capture of biometric elements (fingerprints, irises, facial recognition).

The collected data result in the personalization of the cards and the attribution of a unique registration number.

Virtual files

Beneficiaries have access to health care, depending on their contributions or natural rights. This privilege is regulated by the health authorities and fluctuates regularly.

SELP offers digital solutions that allow health cardholders to access their on-line medical file. This access can be shared with a practitioner at the initiative of the patient.

Credential Management System (CMS)

An electronic document- issuing program must be managed globally.

A CMS allows the administrator to activate accounts, manage rights, control activities, update profiles, temporarily block or revoke accounts if necessary.

As a key controlling component of the program, SELP’s CMS is available in all languages and is adjustable to the specificities of each project.

As part of a health card issuance project, the CMS organizes the credit / debit of care by offering new possibilities, especially to NGOs which wish to target a specific category of the population.

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