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SELP was created in 1956 and started to produce smart cards in 1972.

In 1972, with the cooperation of ELF AQUITAINE, the company SELP develops know-how in the smard card production.

From 1972 to 1998, SELP is partner of SCHLUMBERGER, GEMPLUS and OBERTHUR for the production of prepaid telephone cards (telecards).

In 1998, SAGEM acquires SELP, increases its high-security activity and opens up the company to export contracts for the production of banking and ID cards.

In 2006, SELP re-becomes independent and is chosen by the world leaders of the smart card industry (SAFRAN, OBERTHUR, GEMALTO, THALES, G&D…) as their main and favourite subcontractor.

In 2013, the MARTEK Group invests in SELP and finances its development. The company gets the financial, technological and human means to develop its international activities.